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Major Brands

As the product market grows to serve more customers, so do the desires for better quality and standards. At Point Well, we look to bring products at the best quality that the international market requires. Serving worldwide top 100 companies, we have a wealth of experience and information working with high standards and quality.

Industry Players

At Point Well, we strive to provide the highest standard of production to create products suited for its needs. Serving brands such as Honeywell, Haefele, Resideo, Bosch, Maerklin, and Sennheiser etc., we can provide high quality of manufacture in many different fields of products. For brands that may require our services, we can improve product design and production efficiency and increase the value of the product with our knowledge and experiences.

Startup Companies

At Point Well, we strive to create products for all companies. Having previous experience from serving other well-known international companies, we can help start-up companies improve their competitiveness and move into higher value activities.

Product Designers

At times, a product designer may create an idea for a product, but not know where and how to produce the product. At Point Well, we want to help up and rising designers create their products. The methodology and framework used by PWG’s Collaborative Manufacturing Service Hub helps improve and create competitiveness for a product designer. We can help design and create products that the designer desires and help introduce cost-saving measures.

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