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About PWG (Point Well Group)

With companies including Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Point Well Group provides ‘under-one roof’ services from product design, configuration and functionality consultancy to material sourcing, sampling, manufacturing, quality control, and customized packaging before final shipment.


PWIHK Point Well Investment

An Original Engineering Manufacturer PWIHK is an OEM manufacturer of high-tech, precision-machined components and semi-finished products for client all over the world.

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PWTHK Point Well Technology (Hong Kong)

An Original Design Manufacturer PWTHK offers customized product development solution and
ODM service with supporting by experienced engineers.

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PWTSZ Point Well Technology (Shenzhen)

A Manufacturing Hub PWTSZ solely manufactures order from PWIHK and PWTHK. The factory is located in Shenzhen China staffed with more than 300 skilled employees.

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Our Strength


We cultivate humanely management in our workplace and are accredited with SA 8000 and ISO45001.


We constantly achieve top-notch product quality with a track record of zero defect, backed by ISO 9001 and IATF16949.


We are devoted to build a green manufacturing system and are accredited with ISO 14001, ROHS and Reach standards.


Created from cutting-edge German technology and industrial know-how, Point Well's products deliver high and lasting value to end-users. Customers also derive great value from a comprehensive array of services tailor-made to their every need throughout our manufacturing process.


Customers can entrust their ODM and OEM projects to Point Well with absolute peace of mind. As a manufacturer in this field with 20 years of experience, Point Well can be relied on to plan and execute an entire project smoothly. We do everything to ensure delivery of defect-free products manufactured to required standards on time and on budget.


Adopting systematic management control and automated manufacturing processes, along with developing skillful and dedicated staff, facilitates Point Well to achieve cost efficiency through higher output and minimize error and wastage.


Attributed to its highly efficient management model, stringent quality control system and dedicated workforce, Point Well has successfully obtained a series of quality accreditation including ISO45001, SA8000, ISO14001, ISO9001, and IATF16949, our products comply with the highest EU quality and safety benchmarks in RoHS, REACH, IPC, ESD requirements, SixSigma green and black belts.

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Point Well Environmental Policy

Point Well Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Point Well Quality Policy

Point Well Social Accountability Policy

Point Well received certificates issued by TÜV Rheinland for the management system for

SA 8000
ISO 9001
IATF 16949
ISO 14001
ISO 45001

With these certifications, Point Well aims to provide products which complies with all international standards, which allows for a better product and higher product value.

As part of its Environmental Strategy, Point Well aims at improving the environmental impact of its own factory sites. The environmental management system implemented during the certification process therefore enables the audited Point Well's production plant to identify, monitor and control environmentally relevant aspects such as energy use, waste management and water consumption.

The goals of work safety and health programs include to foster a safe and healthy work environment. PWG also protects co-workers, family members, employers, customers, and many others who might be affected by the workplace environment.

Mission Statement

Point Well Group creates manufacturing optimization opportunities through the Collaborative Manufacturing Service Hub to support other industry players, startup owners and product designers to capture more of the production values along the value chain through acquiring technological advances and developing productive capacity. The Collaborative Manufacturing Service Hub provides many opportunities to firms that range from increased efficiency and output to access to new market channels and industry knowledge. Together with our companies, industry experts, project managers and engineers and the newest technology, we are committed to continue to expand and evolve our services to make it easier for the consumer to put digital technologies to work.

Point Well Milestones

Positioning as a collaborative manufacturing service hub, Point Well Group enters into a new, a higher value-added function and level in the value chain through functional upgrading. Through process upgrading, Point Well Group develops pioneering solutions through integrated Design, manufacturing and servicing to achieve a shorter innovation cycle. Over the years, Point Well Group’s efficient plant operations to achieve quicker and pro-active response to meet customer needs and market evolution.

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