Our Services

Point Well is managed by a team of young and dynamic professionals with total commitment to develop pioneering solutions for the creation of smart automated and systematic manufacturing processes. Merging the merits of different nationality and culture, we attains diligence on accuracy and details, quick response to market change and flexibility enabling us to integrate and shorten R & D, innovation creation, sourcing and manufacturing processes. Thus providing quick and pro-active response to market yet maintaining hight quality products at economically viable cost.

To our external customers, Point Well pledges to sustain high quality as our core value. Internally, people have always been our key focus and their well being takes priority. The management team and executive staffs cherish and cultivate each employee individual's strength and constantly interact with them through social events to develop strong connection. Their dedication and passion to execute their duties flawlessly contribute to Point Well becoming one of the top manufacturers in the high tech, precision-machined electromechanical components industry.


Point Well makes every effort to offer one-stop production solutions to our customers so they can enjoy peace of mind. Under this approach, we've put together a broad range of services, expertise and technologies. Many of our machines, equipment and facilities are imported from Germany and Europe that enable products to be manufactured to international quality control standards.

Our production process is the result of a close partnership with our customers. We work alongside with them to establish project management and manufacturing deadlines, with a focus on precision and quality. Procedures have been established to incorporate engineering and design changes into the assembly procedure. The goal is to provide a flexible manufacturing strategy and infrastructure to support our customer's pre-production and production needs.

All our products are subjected to various QC inspections to ensure zero defects before shipment.

Project Management

Our program management teams are led by mechanical and electrical engineers, working closely with colleagues from all other departments to achieve swift and quality implementations.

These teams will harness the expertise from all aspects of our operations – engineering, manufacturing, sourcing, quality control, assembly and support logistics – to achieve the project's cost, specification, delivery and quality requirements. Everyone of them will stay with the project he is assigned to, from product conceptualization to delivery, becoming an extension of our customers' own staff.

Besides maintaining close contact with internal departments and external suppliers, one of our project management team's core responsibilities is to liaise with the customers to capture up-to-date requirements, scheduling and status reporting.

Fundamentally, our project management philosophy is to get to know our customers need comprehensively – their objectives, priorities, and delivery needs. Together, we can apply the full resources of our company to meet or exceed their goals. Our project management leaders can lead a project all the way from product concept to after delivery service, providing customers with support, problem solving and leadership at every phase of a project.

Quality Control

At Point Well, we add value to assembly and production with our QC systems, beginning with the quality inspection of incoming raw materials.

Quality data is acquired and analyzed throughout production. All processed data is closely tracked and communicated to our internal departments and customers. If necessary, updated quality plans are quickly implemented to further refine the test result data being collected.

To ensure high quality standards, we leverage on the expertise of our certified QC professionals and follow strict quality assurance methodologies and process for consistency.

Through imported cutting-edge equipments and manual checking, Point Well combines strategic end-to-end testing and rigorous test execution to deliver identifiable quality standards, in order to fulfill customer satisfaction, improve time-to-market and circumvent business risks.

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