OEM Solutions

Point Well's factory operations in Shenzhen are structured under various departments – Engineering, Tooling, Fine Tech, Bonding, Surface Mounting Technology (SMT), Plastic Injection, Coiling, Hardware and Quality Control – to provide optimal and multi-faceted support for manufacturing projects.

Engineering Department

Staffed by 10 engineers, the Department undertakes constant reviews of how the production flow and processes can be structured to enhance production efficiency and reduce cost. The team is responsible for manufacturing documentation and preparing pre-production samples, prototypes and designing production equipment. Serving as an interface with customers in project management, our team members provides consultancy to clients on production, quality, cost and other issues. Acting as the factory's "brains", they allocate the incoming projects to relevant internal departments and decide on the resources, tooling, processes and other support needed to attain production objectives.


Our factory utilizes advanced Chip on Board (COB) technology ensuring microchips are fastened on printed circuit boards. Through wire bonding, the I/O on the chip is secured to the PCBA. Epoxy resin is used to encapsulate the chips to prevent breakage or bending of the thin wires. The PCBAs are placed in ovens for the resins to harden in order to offer adequate protection to the chips and wire.

Housed in an ESD-protected clean room environment, our bonding department is equipped with 6 bonding machines, one CNC controlled die setting machine, one CNC controlled encapsulation machine and three ovens.

Electromechanical assembly

Our skilled employees perform integration of hardware, PCB and other micro components, together with touch-ups and functional testing, in an ESD compliant environment.

The job-specific contributions of these flexible work teams are combined to produce electromechanical assemblies to specifications given by customers. Our One Piece Flow approach is well suited for low-volume production for a wide variety of products.

Our assembly process is the result of a close partnership with our customers. We work alongside them to establish project management and manufacturing deadlines, with a focus on precision and quality. Procedures have been established to incorporate engineering and design changes into the assembly procedure. The goal is to provide a flexible manufacturing strategy and infrastructure to support our customer's pre-production and production needs.

Fine Tech

In our Fine Tech department, skilled operators are responsible for assembling fine micro-components for hobby-class trains.


Our factory is equipped with Samsung SMT machines, air re-flow ovens and wave solder baths for soldering surface mount and through-hole components.

Plastic Injection

With injection machines imported from Germany, Japan and Hong Kong, complemented by a vertical turntable injection machine, a variety of parts can be molded in the department, through insert molding or conventional injections, to suit diverse product depths.

Coil Winding

Staffed with skilled workers, this department oversees four major functions, including coil winding for stepping motors, soldering, testing and measurement of resistance. Our coil winding processes are supported by 8-head fully automatic and four-head semi-automatic coil winding machines and hot air winding machines, alongside semi-automatic soldering equipment, handled by skilled operators. 100% in-line resistance and inductance tests are also implemented to eliminate defects.


All our testing jigs are manufactured in this department, which is also responsible for the maintenance of the factory's injection molds.

Printing and Spraying

This department provides multi-color printing on mechanical and electrical components and modules to serve the graphic/logo needs of brand owners.

A combination of silkscreen techniques and machine-aided printing and coloring technology is used in this department. We have pad printing machines, screen-printing machines and full-precision surface spraying facilities to fulfill small and high-volume production runs.

Quality Control

Quality management at Point Well is undertaken through continual improvement efforts, internal and external audits, document control and quality target evaluations. These initiatives have gained us international accreditations, including ISO 9001: 2001 IN 1999, IATF 16949, SA8000, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. To boost our management and operational quality further, we have adopted Six Sigma, IPC, tailor-made ERP system, RoHS, Reach and BSCI standards.

How we make OEM Products?

PWIHK is an OEM manufacturer of high-tech, precision-machined electromechanical components and semi-finished products for several Fortune 100 corporations.

Step 1.

Product design from customer (Including drawings and BOM)

Step 2.

Engineer Bom Study / Customize production line and testing

Step 3.

Purchasing Team Cost Study

Step 4.

Sales Team Price Quoting

Step 5.

Customer Ordering

Step 6.

Purchasing Raw Materials

Step 7.

Start Production

Step 8.

Quality Checking

Step 9.

Goods Delivery to Client

Point Well Technology Shenzhen is wholly owned by Point Well Investment and manufactures ODM and OEM products, orders solely from PWIHK and PWTHK, of high-tech, precision-machined electromechanical components, semi-products and finished products for several World Top 100 corporations and other clients from Europe, US and around the world. Established in 1992, the company is headquartered in Hong Kong, with factory facilities in Shenzhen of southern China, to serve the specific needs of different industries.

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